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The Barnabas Project
Barnabas Project Outreaches


Barnabas Project - Florida City outreach 11/23/03
Barnabas Fla City 11/23/03 (1 MB)


Barnabas Proect - Homestead outreach 12/8/07
Barnabas Homestead 12/8/07

Barnabas Project - MCM workers for Parkway United Methodist Church  outreach 6/21/08

Barnabas Parkway United Methodist Church 6/21/08

Barnabas Project - MCM workers for Loxahatchee outreach 12/6/08
Barnabas Loxahatchee 12/6/08

 Barnabas Project - Worldwide Christian Center outreach 6/27/09

Barnabas Worldwide Christian Ctr 6/27/09

Barnabas Loxahatchee 12/5/09
Barnabas Loxahatchee 2 12/5/09

 Barnabas Project - Coral Springs outreach 6/4/11
Barnabas Coral Springs 6/4/11


  Barnabas Project - Belle Glade outreach 12/3/11

Barnabas Belle Glade 12/3/11 (648k pdf)

Barnabas Project - Grant Chapel, Lake Worth outreach photo 6/13
Barnabas Grant Chapel, Lake Worth 6/2/13 (100k pdf)

Barnabas Project - St Luke's outreach in W Palm 12/12  
Barnabas St Luke's, W. Palm 12/1/12 (109k pdf)


 Barnabas Project - St Luke's outreach in W Palm 12/14  

Barnabas St Luke's, W. Palm 12/6/12 (186k pdf)

Barnabas Project - St Luke's outreach in W Palm 12/14 Barnabas El Sol, Jupiter 6/6/15 (365k pdf)

Immokalee 12/5/15 (1.1 MB)
This Barnabas distribution is a God story from beginning to end. It began with one pastor referring us to another until we were set up for the Allen Chapel AME Church under Rev. Lori Snell in Immokalee, Florida. Immokalee is big farm country in the middle of Florida below Lake Okeechobee and with the Everglades all around....
Belle Glade 5/21/16 (284 KB)
"The Privilege of Serving Christ"

Putting on a Barnabas Project Distribution takes a lot of work on the part of many, many people. It seems like our workers just show up with a big Budget Rental Truck packed with all the goods, but in fact this truck loaded from top to bottom, front to back, is the result of six months of collecting, sorting, and even cleaning items given for donation. Look...
West Palm Beach 12/3/16 (714 KB)
Just before the distribution was opened to those coming, we gathered to pray....

Extraordinary blessings occurred this day in so many ways for so many families, including having Light Club Ministries come to share the Gospel using the “wordless book” and providing other activities for children. (not just children!)
Barnabas Project Expands December 2017

This December 2nd marked an expansion of the MCM Barnabas Project. A Manual designed to help other ministries and churches have a Barnabas distribution had its very first run as Rev. Jacqueline Clanton of the New Bethel AME Church in Vero Beach (Gifford), Florida, decided to launch out and do it.

The purpose of the Barnabas Distribution Project is to bless communities in South Florida such as this one in Vero Beach (Gifford), Florida, as a demonstration of the free Grace of God in honor of God's greatest gift, Jesus Christ, so that families might be encouraged and given a little boost....

Barnabas outreach 6/1/18The Barnabas Project: Blessing Indiantown June 1, 2018

Barnabas outreach 12/1/18The Witness of Barnabas December 1, 2018

Barnabas Project Fellsmere -- God Answers Prayer June, 2019

Mary Craig and Rev. Kimberly TobiasBarnabas Project Pompano -- Christmas Surprise Supplies December, 2019

Our distribution at St. John A.M.E. Church in Pompano Beach, FL was formed in prayer, held together by prayer, and became a huge success because of prayer. Obstacles and spiritual opposition could not stop the Christmas surprise supplies the LORD had in mind for this community. The Living God always desires to bless; we must be in a position where God can receive all that He has for us, especially in Jesus Christ....

Barnabas Project 2020Barnabas Project Pompano -- "Leaving the 'How' to the Living God" December, 2020

COVID-19 has not stopped the work of the LORD, but it did hamper efforts in 2020 due to many restrictions on what we could do, where and when. Nevertheless, the Living God is never restricted as to fulfilling His purposes and plans; so we leave the "how" to Him.

The purpose of the Barnabas Distribution Project is to bless distressed communities in the South Florida area. Since 2003, the Barnabas Project has held distributions from Fellsmere/Vero Beach to Florida City/Homestead and west from Fort Lauderdale to Immokalee and Belle Glade as a demonstration of the free Grace and goodness of the Living God in honor of His greatest gift, Jesus Christ. Our intent is that families might be encouraged and given a little boost, a tangible expression of God's love, that they might have hope....

Barnabas Project Pompano, December 2020
at Philadelphia Church of God Independent, Lauderhill FL

The Barnabas Project needs your help!

Barnabas outreach pics

Doesn't it feel great when someone pays attention to you? Isn't it wonderful when someone really cares enough to invest in your life by taking time to listen to you and share their lives and resources with you? Christ's love is made real by such love and care.

Here in South Florida, hundreds struggle to survive. Maybe it's because of losing a job or because of a mortgage foreclosure or because of health problems or because there simply is not enough.

Barnabas outreach pics

We are collecting right now for our next Barnabas Project Outreach..

The purpose of the Barnabas Project is to bless communities in South Florida in demonstration of the free grace of God in honor of God’ s greatest gift, Jesus Christ, so that families might be encouraged and given a little boost.

Join us as we encourage the hurting and forgotten with a little lift. We especially need:

This is a free distribution of household goods, food and OTC drug products, clothing, toys, children's items, art work, books, etc.
Many to most things are brand new. Bring your own bags if you can.

Praise the Living God for his bountiful supply to your community.

Why do we do this?

To demonstrate the free grace of God as He is good to all in some ways and good to some in all ways.

To bless communities of South Florida by giving a little boost of encouragement and hope.

Our next Barnabas Project Outreach will be in June 2022!

See our Events page for details.

To drop off any qualifying items please call Pastor Mary Craig at (954) 491-7270.


David Patten, Barnabas Project Director
Dr. Mary Craig

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What is The Barnabas Project?

In March of 2003, we began working to establish the Barnabas Project: Blessing others through encouragement and HOPE. We felt the Holy Spirit’s leading to work out passages like Matthew 25, Luke 14, Romans 12, and 2 Timothy 2.2. We knew that God wanted us to begin to "break the strongholds of the curse" and would help us develop a strategy to do that.

We began by asking, "Who is Barnabas?" We thought of Hebrews 13.7, which says, "Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the Word of God; consider the outcome of their life, and imitate their faith." It’s good to learn from the truth of the gospel, the doctrine aspect, but sometimes it really helps us to consider the examples/portraits of men and women living out the truth of the Word....

The purpose of the Barnabas Project is to bless communities in South Florida as a demonstration of the free grace of God in honor of God's greatest gift, Jesus Christ, so that families might be encouraged and given a little boost.

Barnabas Project Outline

Blessing Others Through Encouragement and H.O.P.E.


To glorify God by displaying His goodness and graciousness to all
To advance the Christian faith through representation and recommendation
To minister to Jesus by serving His people
To be in a position of being blessed by God by being a blessing to others


To break the strongholds of the curse and remove barriers to the blessing of God by serving as a "paraclete" to those in need of a Barnabas through symbolic, strategic, and specific acts of good done in Jesus' Name and for His glory

(Strongholds of the curse: things that devour, destroy, and/or divide; poverty, sickness, uprooted and vagabond lifestyles, shut-down/up/out/in, bitterness, prison, things aborted, iniquity-related and life-dominating sins, things/people standing in/before God's face (Ex. 20:3 Heb.), pride leading to a lack in the means of grace, idolatries)


To help recipients in achieving their potential in the Christian life and faith by sharing God-given resources and investing in their life potential
To offer appropriate encouragement, consolation, and means of edification to targeted people groups as led by the Holy Spirit
To provide recipients with Barnabas boxes containing assistance suitable to them and their situation
To empower recipients by inspiring them with courage or confidence and by giving assistance or approval in order to stimulate love and good works and aid them in fulfilling their God-given purpose


Barnabas boxes
Offering and encouraging the means of grace: gospel of Jesus Christ, prayer, scripture, fellowship, testimonies, the sacraments

Be a Barnabas: Son of the Power of the Paraclete: More about the Barnabas Project

The Blessings of Barnabas (The Barnabas Project)

Garden of Praise: Barnabas: All about Barnabas, plus games, puzzles, pictures (for kids)

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The Barnabas Project is an outreach of
Mary Craig Ministries, Inc.
Going forth…in His Name, by His grace, for His glory

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